BeachPong Festival By Lord Media

BeachPong is a name used by Lord Medya, which meansplaying Table Tennis in beaches.

It is a kind of table tennis tournament, which takesapproximately 5 hours, played with 2 outdoor tables set upinto the beach volleyball field.

It turns into a festival as there are live-music, band, folklore, fashion shows and some special shows during the event.

The event is planned to be organized with the Sponsors & Participants & Table Tennis clubs and Municipalities.

What is the aim of BeachPong Festival ?

1- To show that any people from any age can play table tennis andto encourage everyone to do sports

2- To experience with everyone that sport can be made whilehaving fun

3-To make youth love table tennis and to grow up futurechampions

4-To be beneficial for Municipality’s promotion

I hope these festivals bring an unforgettable 5-hours experiencefor many years to the local people and the guests, and wish ourcooperation to be beneficial for everyone.  


4 Male and 4 Female players will attend the event andLordMedia” will choose the players. These players will be chosenamong Professional players, former champions and foreignplayers.

4 teams will compete in the event, each team will consist of 1 male and 1 female player. The matches will be played in knock-out system.

The matches will be best of 3 sets and;
* First Match : Female playerFemale player
* Second Match : Male player – Male player
* Third Match: Mixed Doubles match

After the team event, there will be singles event for each gender. Each male player will play against each male player and eachfemale player will play against each female players in singlesevent.

Match Schedule

14.00 – Semi Final matches (Teams)

Consert, Folklore, Fashion Show

15.00 – Semi Final matches (Singles)

Consert, Folklore, Fashion Show

17.00 – Final Matches (Teams & Singles)

BeachPong      Award Ceremony of the Event

BeachPong      Award Ceremony of “Miss Table Tennis

BeachPong      Award Ceremony of “The Best Photo

BeachPong      Award Ceremony of “The Best Point

Live Broadcasting

The festival will be delivered to 500,000 people via live broadcastfrom Lord Media’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Themeetings with TV channels for live-broadcast will continue till theevent.

The broadcasting rights of the festival belong to Lord Media.

Metin Önderoğlu will be with us during theFestival

TheBeachPong Festivalsprojected by Lord Media will blowlike a storm after the Covid-19 pandemic, first in Turkey andthen in all beaches around the world.

As we will bring many people together into a narrow area, I’m waiting the pandemic to end. The earliest estimated time is July 2023. I’m making appointments for a time period afterthe pandemic, to the municipalities that calls me to organize this Project in their beaches.

I’d like thank you for your interest in the Project, “BeachPong is a festival that is brought to World TableTennis community byLord Media” …

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