Lord Table Tennis….. Umpire Tables & Surrounds

Lord Umpire Table (With Towel Box)
The dimension of umpire tables are 70 x 120 x 30 cm.
The parts are connected to each other with 7 × 155mm row hinges from 10 mm dark blue MDF LAM surface.
The paint used on the umpire table is Ral 9005 electrostatic powder paint.
It is made of rectangular DKP profile with 25x15x1,2mm dimension.
Ø6 iron bars are used in the towel and ball boxes..
Ø8 iron bars are used to carry the umpire table.
It should be set up with the black wood screw.
It has 60 × 120 mm transfer tape and baskesfoil label on it.
Lord Surrounds

The surrounds produced in our factory consists of metal andPVC tarpaulin, their dimensions are 230 x 70 cm. In addition to being long lasting, it stands out with its quality compared to its equivalents.


The products and prices are listed below. Please remind that the payment should be transferred in advance. The freight will be confirmed & will be added after the order. The prices are listed below and the prices are listed as “ex works Gebze”.

Product Name


Price ($)

Price (€)

Lord (Umpire Table)

With 2 Towel Box

60.00 Usd

50.00 Eur

Lord (Surrounds)

Minimum 100 Price 27.00 Usd 22.00 Eur
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